Well it certainly feels colder today – so chicken and mushroom pie was a good choice for dinner tonight.

A basic shortcrust pastry of half fat to flour rubbed together and then a small amount of water added.  Once the pastry was combined it was put in the fridge for 30 minutes while I got on with the filling.


I kept the filling simple, just chicken and mushroom and then a good helping of gravy.


And then the pastry lid.


There were a lot of mushrooms to use up and a lot of chicken left so I just made another pie to go in to the freezer for another day!


There is, to me, something very satisfying about making a pie – such a simple thing to make but such a comforting and delicious thing to eat!  We had mash, veggies and more gravy with our pie and were all fed and happy.

What is more , I even have a little chicken left to be added to the leftover stock made yesterday so we can have chicken soup and homemade bread tomorrow.

So over to you – share with me your favourite pie recipes?


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