Crochet – Blankets

I find crochet a very relaxing hobby.  I don’t claim to be very skilled and make nothing more than simple blankets but there is, for me, something very calming and ordered in watching a blanket grow.   I have to confess that I don’t do the granny squares – I find them too fiddly. I prefer to make one piece and just keep going until it is the size I want – or I have used up all my spare yarn.

Crochet blankets are great stash busters – probably more so if you do the granny squares where even the smallest amount of yarn can be made use of.  I have, in the past, made crochet blankets as a way of using up spare yarn.  Two scrappy blankets have been made to do this.DSCN1292[1]


The colours are random but that doesn’t matter when snuggling under them to keep warm.

I did recently decide to make a couple of blankets where I used blocks of colours to give the blankets a more ordered look – which I do realise is not really the point of them but I obviously felt a need for order and structure and found it in blanket making!  The first one, recently finished, had pinks and greens to match the bedroom.


I did use some other colours in smaller amounts but the pink dominates and this tones well with the main bedroom (which isn’t pink! but has a few pink touches to add warmth to the otherwise green and white).

And the other just completed blanket is this one:


I think the blocks of colour work well and the blanket is now being used to cover up a very tatty but comfortable chair in the sitting room.   I do find these blankets very easy and quick to make as they grow very fast and I can complete one or two blocks of colour an evening.  Each of these blankets has been made in less than a week.  The problem with making something that grows so quickly is that I just want to make more – fairly instant crafting gratification – but I’m not sure that I really need any more at the moment!

Over to you – what crafting do you find yourself drawn to because it is quick and easy?  Who else likes to crochet – I would love to hear of your crochet skills as mine are very basic.


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