Christmas Cake

Last weekend was Christmas pudding making and this weekend I got to grips with the cake.   I used a Nigella recipe (available online so I wont write it out here).

I soaked the dried fruit for just over 24 hours in sherry .


This morning small person helped me turned all these ingredients in to our cake.


She wasn’t altogether impressed that so much effort had to be put in to a cake that didn’t have any chocolate in it, but she weighed and measured and stirred until the mixture was too dense for her to stir any more.


This was also given a cover of greaseproof paper and brown paper and baked for three and a half hours at 150.

As soon as it was cooked I took it out of the oven, lifted the cover for a moment and poured over some rum, put the paper lid back on then wrapped the whole thing in a couple layers of tin foil and left it to cool.   Nigella advises that trapping the steam in while it cools helps to keep the cake moist and it has certainly worked in previous years.


I’ll remove this from the wrapping and tin when completely cold, rewrap and store, bringing it out once a week to give it a little drink.  I will decorate closer to Christmas and add more photos then.

Over to you, what Christmas preparations and ‘making’ are underway in your home?


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