Simple Sewing

I did manage to get some simple sewing done over the weekend – something that I had been meaning to do for a while but which had become rather more pressing with the colder weather arriving.

We have a large, old, wooden and draughty front door.

front door portrait

Pushed to one side here, so you can see the door, is the curtain I finally got round to making.  This will be a great draft excluder and will also help, a little, to save energy, keep heat in and cold out.   Here it is pulled across.

front door curtain portrait

The basis of this was a charity shop find (so a frugal make too!).  It was a pair of quite narrow curtains which I simply machine sewed together to make one curtain wide enough to cover the door with plenty of gathers to add to the thickness.  As you can see they weren’t quite long enough so I added an extra panel in a contrasting colour.  This was a remnant I had picked up some time ago with no clear use in mind, by adding the fabric here I have achieved a bit of fabric stash busting too.   It has taken me ages to find either fabric or second-hand curtains that I liked enough to live with.  I lined the whole thing with fleece to make a good, thick curtain that will make our hallway a lot less draughty.

A satisfying (if very simple) bit of sewing that will help to keep us cosy this winter.  Over to you, what simple sewing or making have you done to beat the chill?


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