Pastry: more pies and a quiche!

I do love a pie!  We had some of the slow cooked beef left over – hardly surprising, did you see the size of the piece of meat!   Although the piece was big it was still a very thrifty or frugal joint because it was a cheaper cut that needed slow cooking.   I digress – we had some left so, of course, I made a pie.   We didn’t eat the pie tonight, as we had meat on Sunday and sausages last night I went meat free tonight, so the pie has gone in the freezer for another day.

First of all the pastry lined pie dished filled with beefy goodness:


And then the pastry lid.


I have frozen this without cooking the pastry and, when needed, it will be defrosted and cooked for about 40mins.  I will brush the pastry with some beaten egg or, probably milk, before cooking.   My mother always used milk rather than egg, I think for purely frugal reasons – a waste of an egg just to make pastry look prettier.   I think milk does do as good a job but pastry purists might disagree.

I made a lot of pastry tonight (500g plain flour, 250g lard).   After sorting the pie out I made a quiche for dinner. There was plenty of pastry left over (as I had expected) and this was bagged up in quiche/pie making portions and frozen for another day.


I softened some onions and lined the (part-baked) pastry case with them and then added some sliced tomato.  Poured over some beaten eggs, mixed with a little milk, salt and pepper and some parsley (dried).


A good covering of grated cheese:


Cook for about 30 mins at 200 – timing is approximate, I just kept looking through the glass oven door to see when it looked done.


OH would always prefer the addition of big chunks of bacon to a quiche and, to be honest, what meal isn’t enhanced by the addition of bacon!  However I do like us to have a couple of meat free days each week, for reasons of health and economy.

I know lots of people fear pastry making but whenever I look at the prices of ready made I never hesitate to make my own.   I don’t use a processor just make sure that the fat being used comes straight from the fridge and so is nice and cold.   If you have hot hands(!) I know that freezing the fat and then grating it in to the flour makes the process easier too.   Homemade pastry is much more economical than bought and freezes very well so you can make a big batch, portion it up, and then just retrieve it from the freezer when you need it, as I will do with the extra I made today.

Over to you – pastry:  savoury or sweet fillings, which do you prefer?


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