A potential knitting makeover?

I am considering making use of some jumpers that have long been hidden away and unworn.

My lovely mum, sadly no longer alive, was an astonishing knitter and many years ago I went through a phase of wanting lots of Aran jumpers (I think it was a Haircut 100 thing – which really dates me).  Here are the jumpers (one is actually a big cardigan/coat):



I am not sure the photos do justice to the detail that these pieces contain – I’ll try some close-ups.


In many ways it seems a real shame to unpick these works of art and there are huge sentimental reasons for keeping them but as I am now well past my Haircut 100 phase and the fact that I am really never going to wear them, perhaps it would be better to give the wool a new lease of life?  I will still be keeping something from my mum but transformed in to something that will be used.   I was thinking of making some big chunky cushion covers and a throw?

So, should I upcycle these faultless but somewhat dated jumpers in to something more useful?


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