Tuna Fishcakes

A cheap and cheerful but very tasty dinner here tonight – homemade tuna fishcakes.   Simple and quick and a favourite with every member of this household.

One standard tin of tuna mixed with mashed potato (I usually use one good sized jacket potato per person)


Add some seasoning – salt, pepper and some dried parsley (fresh if you have it but I didn’t today).


Dip the tuna and potato patties in beaten egg and then roll them in breadcrumbs.  We keep a supply of dried breadcrumbs in jars – using stale bread and unwanted crusts we process them into crumbs and then bake them on a low heat to dry them out.   They then keep in sealed jars for ages.   Obviously you can make fresh breadcrumbs when you need them or keep fresh frozen breadcrumbs, we just find having a supply of the dried ones most convenient for us and they cook as well as fresh ones.


The coated fish cakes can be baked in the oven or fried in a pan – we tend to do the latter.   This is a real store cupboard dinner but one that is always enjoyed, and despite being a very low cost meal it is really tasty.   I had mine with a pile of fresh beetroot (!), OH and small person went for garden peas.

That was the extent of any making done today as I had a pile of marking to do this morning and I was teaching this afternoon.   I am planning to do a bit of knitting now, before bed.    A jumper for small person is nearly finished.

So, tell me some of your favourite store-cupboard dinners?


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