Making – not much today

This photo just about sums up the total of any making I have managed today – a fire!


The cats enjoyed it.   I have tagged this post with ‘energy saving’ because the wood is from some trees we had cut down a couple of years ago that have been drying out since then and are now ready to burn.  The wood burner is the only heating we have had this afternoon and this evening and we have been quite cosy.   Thank goodness we are having a fairly mild autumn so far.  We are, I realise, very lucky to have a supply of wood to manage which helps keep energy bills down.

Small person is still poorly.  I did manage some hand sewing (for a much bigger project that isn’t finished yet so not ready to blog about). I did this while we watched Frozen (small poorly person = sofa and comfort dvd).   There was also a roast for me and OH but just simple strips of belly pork with roasties, veg and gravy so not really worthy of a blog post in their own right.   Some – perhaps many – days can be like this, we start off with great intentions for completing projects and getting something done that we have been thinking about for ages but then other things take over and become more important.

Many thanks and a proper ‘hello’ to the many of you that have chosen to follow this blog – your interest and support is much appreciated and hopefully I will come back tomorrow with something better than I have managed today!


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