Hand-stitched napkins

We always set the table each night for dinner with the addition of linen napkins.  Small person has the job of setting the table and she likes to place the napkins neatly by the side of each place setting.

I picked up a fairly large remnant of cotton linen in the haberdashers in the nearest town some months back with no actual purpose in mind for it, but it was a very large piece at only £4.00 so it was too good to ignore.

When I got it home and played around with it I realised that when folded neatly it would provide 12 squares of a good size and a perfect napkin size, so I cut it in to said squares.   The quickest way to hem these would have been to run all twelve through the machine but I really like hand sewing, I find it very relaxing to sit and stitch quietly for an hour or so before bed.   So that is what I did – one by one – pinned and stitched them.   As a consequence there were some weeks between cutting these out and them all being finished but it was a nice task to have and we were in no hurry for the  napkins so it really didn’t matter how long it took me to finish them.   They provided a nice break from a bigger hand-stitching project  that is currently underway and  which I will blog about – should I ever finish it.


Here are all 12 neatly folded.


This is the size of each one.


And this is a poor attempt at a close-up photo of the hand stitching.  I hope you can see that it was nice and neat!

I do realise this is a rather unexciting make but I guess I am using it to show how, for me, even the most ordinary piece of crafting can  have a beauty of its own – there is nothing intrinsically beautiful about the napkins but the peace, quiet and relaxation the making of them provide was important.

Over to you, what making or crafting helps you to relax?


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