Mid-week vegetable curry, rice and ‘chapatis’.

This was a very simple dinner tonight – just a simple vegetable curry made with fairly basic ingredients:  onion, carrots, potatoes, chick peas, tinned tomatoes, frozen spinach and frozen coriander, medium curry powder and cumin – curry purists look away now.


I softened, the onion, carrots and potatoes in a little oil:


Then I added the curry powder and the extra cumin.


I cooked this all for a little while then added the chick peas and then the tinned tomatoes.


I gave all this a good stir and then added the frozen spinach and frozen coriander and let all this cook down.


I then decided to try my hand at an approximation of a chapati – I have no idea whether these are approaching anything that could claim to be authentic (any more than the curry with its medium curry powder mix is authentic!) but I knew family would enjoy a bread based something to go with the vegetable curry and rice and this was all I had time for. 

  I weighed out about 100g of wholemeal flour, added a good few twists of salt from the salt mill and then added enough water to make a fairly sticky dough.

After giving this a bit of a knead I broke it up in to small pieces which I rolled in to balls (about the size of a walnut).


I rolled each of the balls out to be really quite thin, melted some lard (I know, but I though it would add to the flavour) in a pan on a medium heat and cooked them.  I flipped them when they started to bubble and cooked for about the same time on the other side.  I didn’t time this but I guess it was less than a minute on each side.


OH (who is a confirmed carnivore and who always looks just a little bit sad on veg nights) said that the breads really were delicious and almost made up for the lack of meat.   He always adds a spoonful of madras paste to his portion of the curry as I make it fairly mild so small person will eat it, and I’m no a fan of fantastically hot curry.

So the breads were a bit of an experiment that, to my surprise, really worked and OH has said that we must always have then now, whenever we have curry.

I realise there is nothing terribly authentic about our mid-week curry and curry purists would probably hold their hands up in horror but for a thrifty, simple, mid-week meal, it ticked all the right boxes.

Over to you – what is your favourite curry recipe – authentic or otherwise?


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