Sewing machines

I first started thinking about this blog a couple of months ago – I thought I would start one because of a present my husband bought me:


A beautiful vintage singer – I’ve called her Sally!  I have managed to date her and she is from 1914 and in beautiful condition with a lovely wooden case which I think is original.   I envisaged this blog would mostly be about my adventures with my new (to me) singer sewing machine*. 

However just after getting her I was offered a change in my working hours to go from part-time to full-time to cover for a colleague who was going off on maternity leave.  As a consequence I simply haven’t had the time to get to know how this beautiful machine works yet.  I initially looked at some wonderful online tutorials about how to thread it, clean it, etc but as yet I have simply not had chance to follow any of them. I want to spend time getting to know the machine properly, and have the time to look at all the wonderful blogs out there that are devoted to using and caring for vintage singers, before I make plans to use her for specific projects  So, much to my regret, Sally will have to stay in her box for another eight months or so until my increased teaching hours contract is finished.   I guess that as she has been around for a hundred years she wont mind waiting a few more months before she gets back in the game.

This is my other sewing machine which I thought was quite old, until I got Sally that is!  DSCN1412[1]

This was my mother’s sewing machine which she gave to me when I left home.  She had used it more when we (me and my brother) were children to make clothes for us but had reached a point where she rarely used it.   I, however, was going through a clothes making stage and used it a lot, so when I left home she gave it to me so I could continue to use it.   She had it before I was born so it is in excess of 40 years old.   When I have had it serviced I have been told it is an absolute workhorse of a machine, very sturdy and heavy duty.   I continue to use it fairly regularly, I made lots of baby bedding when I was expecting small person and have continued to use it sewing for her – clothes, fancy dress costumes and such like.  It is nice to have something that belonged to my  mother and that I have such clear memories of her using, sat at the dining room table.  Maybe my daughter will have memories of me using it in years to come.

I have been toying with getting a brand new machine that has a good range of stitches, this one, like the singer, only does a straight running stitch.  However, I think that before I buy sewing machine number 3 I need to dust the singer off and make use of that.  Roll on next July when I should have time to get to know Sally Singer a little better.

Over to you, how many sewing machines is it acceptable to have?

* P.S  I decided to go ahead with the blog anyway and make it more about general everyday making – cooking, knitting, crochet, hand-sewing – but hopefully some adventures with my vintage singer will appear in due course.


2 thoughts on “Sewing machines

  1. Oooh, the people who used to own our house have just given me a vintage singer sewing machine. They were going to throw it out. It doesn’t work but I have it sitting on the low sill of our bedroom and I love it!


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