Monster Sausage Roll!

OH loves sausages and sausages rolls and asked why we never really have them except at Christmas.  I do find making sausage rolls a little bit time consuming – I know they are not difficult at all, just a little bit fiddly making lots of little ones.   Say hello to the monster sausage roll:


I had just started to cut a slice when I realised I hadn’t taken a photograph. 

With the slice removed you can just about see inside:


The ‘making’ photos aren’t great but I will give you a run down of what I did.  Chopped and cooked 1 large onion until soft.   Remove the sausage meat from six good quality sausages and add to onions in a bowl.  I also made up one packet mix of sage and onion stuffing (you could, of course, use freshly made stuffing and I would have done other than I had a packet in the cupboard to use up).  I then added some chopped mushrooms that needed using up.  Some salt and pepper and two dollops of homemade Christmas Chutney (Delia Smith recipe).  Then you have to get down and dirty with the mixture – use your hands and squidge it all together until well combined.


Remove the pastry you made half an hour earlier  from the fridge (I should have said above about making some pastry first).  One of these massive sausage rolls took about 200g of pastry. As usual I made a big batch of pastry and have frozen what wasn’t needed.  (Pastry is half fat to flour – plain flour and lard – I always use lard for savoury pastry).  Roll out a rectangle and put a smaller rectangle of filling in the middle of the pastry.  Moisten the edges of the pastry with water and then fold and seal round the mixture. Place on a lightly greased baking sheet, lightly score the top of the sausage roll, brush with a little milk and bake for 45mins approx. at 190 (approx.).  There was a lot of mixture so I made two of these and one has gone in the freezer.


When I make little sausage rolls I don’t add all the extra ingredients just using sausage meat from good quality sausages but I decided to sneak in a few extra veg and added the stuffing to pad it out further, add an extra flavour and make sure there was enough mixture to make another roll for the freezer.

Verdict from OH and small person was – delicious!   It really was nice, very savoury and filling!

So, a simple and thrifty recipe for monster sausage rolls.  It was a beast but we tamed it – YUM.



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