Cheese and potato pie with leeks and bacon

I haven’t done a food post for a few days so I thought I would share details of tonight’s dinner with you.   This is one of our favourite meals, good in summer but especially good on a cold November evening.  It is called pie although there is no pastry involved, I guess it is more of a ‘bake’ than a pie.

First off you need to get some potatoes on the boil for making mash.  Boil up enough potatoes for the number of people you are feeding – potatoes do make up the bulk of the dish so bear this in mind when calculating amounts.   While the spuds are cooking gently fry some bacon bits and chopped leeks.


I always add a good dollop of soft cheese to the mash.  Once the leeks and bacon have cooked down, mix them in with the mash.


After this just grate a generous helping of strong cheddar over the top and finish off in the oven – you want the cheese to melt and the top to turn golden brown.


This is a warming and filling dinner and a real family favourite.   Any leftovers (!) heat up nicely the next day for lunch.

I had this with tomatoes and beetroot as I wanted a splash of real colour on my plate at the end of a very grey day.


My mum used to make this when I was young so it has a real association for me with family, home, comfort, warmth, love.

Over to you, what are firm favourites with your family?


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