A wardrobe makeover

Actually, perhaps a bit of a misleading title  I am not planning on renovating the wardrobe itself, nor the clothes in it, but what they hang on.  Yes, the clothes hangers – the plastic ones breed, right?  You close your wardrobe up at night and then the boy and girl hangers get it on and before you know where you are you have hundreds of the ****** things.


Just a small sample.  I cant remember the last time I said yes to a hanger when buying clothes – so why do I have so many?  Any clothes bought online always come with the hanger – but I don’t buy that many clothes online.  So the only explanation can be clothes-hanger reproduction.   I do have some nice wooden hangers:


But not enough.   And these ones don’t seem to breed.   So, my plan is to make nice pretty covered hangers out of as many of the plastic ones as possible.  I know I could just buy a load of new wooden ones but then what to do with the plastic ones?  I could probably offload some to the charity shop but other than that the option is landfill – which isn’t an option.  The plastic ones are sturdy enough, except for very heavy clothes so I think the idea of making padded covered hangers is a good way of upcycling/recycling/repurposing something that will otherwise end up in landfill.   I have got plenty of material in my stash and I picked up some batting today.   There are plenty of ideas online so inspiration wont be a problem, my wardrobe will look much prettier inside if I do this – then I can start on OH’s hangers and small persons.   This is, quite seriously, a project that could last for months, and it can all be done by hand sewing so very pick-up-put-down-able, a project that I can have a long session on or pick up and do a few stitches whenever I have a few minutes.  Also a great way to bust the stash of oddments of 1/2 metres and 1/4 metres that I have stored away, leftover from other things.

It may be that all you lovely readers out there have beautifully organised wardrobes with lovely matching padded hangers and that my admission of multiple plastic hanger shame reveals me to be coming very late to the party.  However, making something that is useful but rather ugly into something useful but rather pretty will be a very satisfying thing to do.  There will be pictures, in due course, but not of every hanger – that would get very tedious – just a few to show that I am sticking to the plan.

Over to you, please tell me I am not alone in my plastic hanger shame?


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