Covered clothes hangers

I posted the other day about wanting to do something with the many plastic clothes hangers I have. If I get rid of them all to replace them with nice wooden clothes hangers (of which I have some, but not enough) then the only place for the plastic clothes hangers to go is to landfill – which I don’t see as an option.

So I decided I would try to cover them, use up some fabric from my stash (I did have to buy some batting but that is not a big expense), make the wardrobe look a little better and give myself an almost unending amount of hand sewing to do (if I tackle OH’s hangers and small persons too).

Stage 1 was to cover the hangers with some batting:


Then, after measuring circumference and length, cut and press the fabric:


Then cover:


These are only pinned here, I will stitch them this evening, and across the next few days.  The covered hangers you can buy are all, usually I believe, the narrow wooden hangers that are the same size across the length of the hanger.  Some of the plastic ones, including the ones I have covered here, have a greater depth at the centre compared to the edges which means that I will probably get a neater finish if I shape the fabric when I cut it- so I will try that next time.   However I do think the covering does work to make the hangers look much nicer than when left just bare plastic.

I hope you have all had a creative/relaxing/enjoyable weekend.

Hopefully some Christmas makes in the week.


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