Simple felt Christmas decorations

I have been making some very simple Christmas decorations out of felt to add a splash of colour to corners of our house, doors, bedrooms. Small person has been very excited about the start of ‘Operation Christmas Creep’ which officially started yesterday. This means that everyday we have to add one thing to the house to make it ready for Christmas.

The day she is looking most forward to is when we go to the Christmas tree farm to pick up the tree but as we try to bring a touch of Christmas to every room (including the downstairs loo) in the house, there is plenty of scope for ‘Operation Christmas Creep’. I don’t do tinsel, but we do, as it gets closer to Christmas, bring a lot of greenery in to the house and get as inventive as possible with baubles!

Small person wanted some Christmas bunting in her bedroom and the other felt decorations hang on strips down door panels or individually on door handles. They are all very simple and not at all sophisticated but do add a splash of colour.


Tomorrow I should have some knitted Christmas bunting to show you.

Over to you, what Christmas decorations have you made for your home?


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