O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree………

I didn’t actually get round to making the hot water bottle cover I wrote about yesterday.  This morning was spent collecting and sorting a couple of weeks worth of kindling for the fire while OH split more logs.   Small person moved between helping collect kindling and playing on her swing.   After lunch we decorated the Christmas tree which we collected from the Christmas tree farm yesterday.  

We had Lionel Bart’s ‘Oliver’ playing on the TV in the background and have decided that this will be our Christmas tree decorating film from now on.   This will be until small person is old enough to handle Die Hard which is my ultimate Christmas film and what I always used to watch while decorating the tree, pre-small person.  So ‘Oliver’ it will be for a good few years and I can watch Die Hard now small person has gone to bed.   The tree:


So now it is time for feet up, more scarf knitting for small person:


and Die Hard on dvd – ‘Now I have a machine gun, Ho Ho Ho.’

Over to you, what is your favourite Christmas film?


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