Christmas Cushions

Each year over the Christmas holidays a friend comes to stay with her children, usually for a few days between Christmas and New Year or for the New Year.   I try to make the spare room look as festive as the rest of the house as it is a rather cold bare room otherwise. 

I hang some felt decorations from the wardrobe door handles, fill an old wash jug and basin with collected pine cones and cinnamon sticks, hang some knitted Christmas tree bunting across the back wall and put some jugs of greenery on the windowsill.   I have also made, this year, these very simple cushion covers for the bed.


They are not in the least bit sophisticated or fancy, but they are fun and the children will like them.   I have got, still, a huge amount of red and green felt so this used up some of the stash.  These cushion covers wouldn’t win any awards and don’t come close to being the sort of spare room soft furnishings the glossy magazines suggest we should put in place for our Christmas guests, but they are made with a sense of fun and love and I know they will bring a smile.

Over to you, what preparations are you making for Christmas visitors?


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