Making Firelighters

I have been making some nice herby firelights but first,

apologies for the silence over the last couple of days, we decided to change broadband and telephone service providers because we had a very expensive package and I was constantly being told that I could get a cheaper deal.   Once I found what I thought looked like a good deal I asked the new providers for confirmation that there would be no interruption in service and was told that it would be a simple switchover on the arranged day – the arranged day arrived and we lost service for over 48 hours!

However we are now up and running again and I thought I would show a quick make for the woodburner – herb firelighters.DSCN1502[1]

I cut back the lavender, sage, thyme and rosemary in the garden and tied them up in to small bundles which I have now hung up to dry out.


These will be ready for use after a week.   I plan on saving them to use at Christmas, it will be nice to have some firelighters that are more fragrant than the usual bought ones.  The oils in the herbs mean that they work well as firelighters.  I have also got a stash of pine cones to use with them and the two combined work really well.

Over to you – any other ideas for natural firelighters?


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