Making Christmas with sparkles and paper!

I mentioned before that we have been on a campaign of Christmas creep

– small person has been wanting to add a little bit of ‘Christmas’ to the house each day.   Today was all about sparkly nuts and pine cones and making paper chains.


I do various bowls and jugs of pine cones around the house at Christmas time, all of which have been gathered in walks and some from a tree in our garden.  I leave some plain but these small person and I have dabbed with gold glitter paint.  In January I also saved uneaten nuts from last Christmas and these have now become decorations after being given some glittery sparkle.

The dining room has some beams running across it so we made some paper chains out of some nice thick card making card which I cut in to strips.   We haven’t  made enough to go right down the room yet so there will be some more making and sticking this week.  Paper chains are the perfect Christmas craft for children and small person really enjoyed doing this and is keen to continue when she gets home from school tomorrow.   Because we used quite thick card these are quite robust.

Over to you, what Christmas decorations have you been making?


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