Knitting – getting there!

I posted a week or so ago about small person needing a new hat, scarf and glove set as one of her non-school sets was getting a bit small. 

Well, I’m getting there – but the general busy-ness of the pre-Christmas run-up has slowed me down a bit.


The main length of the scarf is done – I just need to work in the ends and add tassels to either end.  I have also done one of the mittens – not a lot of use on its own unless small person keeps her other hand in her pocket!  I will probably get the other mitten done tomorrow and then make a start on the hat.  The mittens are very quick to knit, I started it last night and finished it this morning (a great diversion from the pile of marking that was waiting for me).  However I did then get on with the marking rather than starting the second mitten so I wasn’t all bad.

Over to you, is Christmas getting in the way of your non-Christmas crafting projects? I do love Christmas crafting but seem to kid myself that I can still get on with non-Christmas projects at the same time, but with only one pair of hands, that isn’t very likely!


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