A little festive crochet!

I wrote the other day about things getting a bit silly this time of year as I seemed to think I could do my usual amount of crafting and Christmas crafting too. 

So the obvious thing to do was, of course, to set myself another ridiculous challenge.  I decided that the tatty chair I covered with a crocheted blanket a while ago needed a festive lift.   This is the blanket I made and it looks fine.


But not very festive in terms of colour – this, however, could be!


Yes, I’ve decided that between now and Christmas I want to make a red blanket to cover the chair.  Our various bits of Christmas creep have lots of red in them and so this will go well especially as next to the chair we have a small table with a large glass bowl filled with big red baubles.


I have a couple balls of plain red and a couple of balls of red with added sparkle.  So if I can crochet these all up in the next few days we will have a cheery festive coloured blanket to cover our tatty chair before Christmas visitors arrive.

I did also manage to finish small person’s other mitten today DSCN1518[1]

I’ll get this sewn up tomorrow.

Over to you, anyone else set themselves ridiculous challenges to complete before Christmas?


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