Making a Christmas Wreath

I’d like to take credit for this but actually my husband made this Christmas wreath:


He has never shown any interest before in making or crafting but he made this yesterday.   He works in a small office and they had collectively decided not to do a Christmas office lunch because it usually meant overpriced, not very good food in a nearby pub.  So his office closed early, everyone brought in food for a pot-luck buffet, they had a quiz and one of his co-workers (who, as a side-line, is training to be a florist) brought in all the materials for them to make Christmas wreaths, and this is what he came home with.  I love it.   We did have a pine cone wreath on the door but we have had it for about ten years and it was starting to look a bit a little bit tired – it was okay but not in its first flush.  Now we have this new, fresh, fabulous wreath the old one has been consigned to the back door.

The crochet festive blanket is growing nicely – photo tomorrow.


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