Well, that was Christmas!


I do hope you all had a lovely Christmas.  It was not my intention to go for over a week without posting but once family started to arrive the day after my last post I did not get near to my computer at all.   This is the first time I have got the laptop out for well over a week.  It is maybe no  bad thing to switch off from technology for a while but had I realised this was going to happen I would have wished you all a Happy Christmas when I last posted.     I do hope that you all had the sort of Christmas that you had been hoping for – whether that was busy and chaotic, filled with visitors, visiting, family and friends or something quieter and more relaxing.

So, to recap – any making I achieved over the last week or so consisted mainly of food, and I have to confess I have no photos of any of it.  When you are feeding house guests and visitors it seems a bit rude to ask them to wait while you take photos (although I realise I could have taken some of the making process, but there just seemed to be too much going on)!  Small person helped me make lots of mince pies on Christmas eve – I tried a new recipe for the pastry this year (fat was half butter and half lard as usual) but instead of water I used orange juice to bind the pastry mixture and it worked a treat – it was the best mince pie pastry yet.   The mincemeat was also homemade and a much tried and tested Delia recipe.

Dinner for Christmas Eve evening was a very extravagant fish pie – lots of fresh cod, salmon and king prawns in a lovely parsley sauce topped with cheesy mash – this has become our traditional Christmas Eve supper and is very easy to make and is a treat for a special evening.   For Christmas lunch we had the Aldi five bird roast and it was delicious.  Christmas pudding did not get eaten until Boxing Day, it had matured nicely and was very good.   We did manage some yule log on Christmas Day evening (which small person had also helped me to make on Christmas Eve) somehow a chocolate sponge, rolled and filled with chocolate ganache and covered in chocolate ganache seemed lighter than Christmas pudding – no I can’t really defend that but anyway….

I did cook a turkey on Saturday 27th when we had another load of family visiting.  I didn’t do a full roast but served it with salad, pickles, (hot roast potatoes though).   This went down well, the turkey was lovely and moist but then I did slather it with butter and cover it with 12 rashers of streaky bacon while cooking so it was not likely to be dry.  Mince pies, leftover Christmas pudding and yule log (plus cheese and biscuits) were put out for pudding on this day.  We had a big ham on Boxing Day which was cooked while we went out for a nice long walk and small person tried out her new scooter.

We have made a curry with some of the leftover turkey and the rest has been frozen to make a pie at some point.

Next Christmas I will have to be a much more conscientious blogger and take some photos as I go along.

In the meantime, things will be getting back to normal soon.  We are planning a small gathering tomorrow for New Years Eve (small person is determined to stay up ‘until it is next year’) – we shall see.

I wish you all a happy new year now as I don’t anticipate posting tomorrow but I think I shall post a wish list of crafting and making plans on New Years Day – not a list of resolutions, more a list of things I hope to achieve and skills I’d like to master over the coming year.

Until 2015….


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