Plans for 2015 and New Years Eve revisited

I hope you all had a good new years eve – whether that was wild celebrations or a quiet night.   We had fairly low key drinks, nibbles, chat (and a bit of dancing).

Savoury food included sausage rolls, cheesey potato cakes, cheese, sausage and bacon rolls and salads.   I made a big pile of bite-size rocky roads for those who wanted something sweet.




A good (and rather late) night was had by all and as a consequence today has been rather lazy.

So some aims for the coming year in terms of mending, making and crafting:

  • get to know my lovely vintage singer sewing machine better
  • buy some feet for my late  mother’s old viscount sewing machine
  • make myself some clothes – I make lots of things for small person but have not done any dress making for myself for years
  • knit something for myself
  • learn to cable knit
  • continue making things for small person (just in case you think the above seems a little selfish – I wont be neglecting small person!)
  • use up lots of the ever expanding stash – the covered coat hanger project will use a lot of this so I am going to try to do one or two a week, not very exciting but worth doing
  • finally finish a huge hand sewing project that has been dragging on for far too long – I think I will post about this tomorrow
  • try to make at least one brand new recipe a month

So, aims rather than resolutions – over to you – what crafting and making plans do you have for the coming year?


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