Chilli for a chilly Wednesday evening

Hello to some new followers – welcome and thank you for dropping by.

A quick food post tonight – and not a very exciting one I’m afraid.    A mid-week chilli, made this morning before I spent the day tackling lecture writing that needed doing for the coming term.


The obvious chilli ingredients were included, finely chopped onion cooked down with a little oil, then some mince added and browned off.   At this point chilli purists need to look away – I have to confess I used a chilli mix sachet – I have tried doing it all myself but I can never get it to taste as good as the sachet of chilli mix does – they get the combination of heat and flavour just right, I never do.   Then kidney beans and sieved chopped tomatoes.  As I was working from home I could let this simmer for a couple of hours and it tasted all the better for it.


Rice and some crusty bread cooked this evening and all was good.  I know crusty bread isn’t exactly authentic either but it works for us.

Over to you – what ‘cheat’ seasoning mixes do you use?


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