Recycling Christmas cards

This should be the last post relating to Christmas until November!    I took down the Christmas cards a week or so ago and they have been sitting in a pile on my desk ever since.

Tonight I finally got round to sorting them out.   I don’t do anything particularly creative with them, just doing what my mother always did and what I know many people do – cutting them down to reuse them as gift tags next Christmas.


I will put a small hole in the corner of them and thread some embroidery cotton through when it comes to present wrapping time in December but for tonight the job was just to cut them down and put the backs and unsuitable ones in the recycling.    I don’t think I have ever bought gift tags.     I always grumble about the amount of money postage costs each December when I post out our Christmas cards but I would never stop sending them as I know how much I enjoy receiving cards.   I know e-cards are increasingly popular but I would be sorry if posted Christmas cards dropped completely out of fashion.

Over to you – do you still send a traditional Christmas card?


2 thoughts on “Recycling Christmas cards

  1. I agree! I love the personal feeling of receiving a Christmas card in the mail, especially one with a written message in it. That person had to take the time to sign the card, seal the envelope, and write your address on it before sending it to you. I just entered college and sent my first personal Christmas cards this year; it was time-consuming, but it was worth it!


    1. I am not sure why but wordpress only asked me to approve this comment today – months after you left it? I glad you feel the same way about Christmas cards – I am sorry your comment too so long to come through.

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