Making Pies – again (turkey and ham)

A food blog tonight.   As you might know if you have been reading for a while, I like to make a pie now and again.  I took out some Christmas turkey and ham from the freezer and decided to make a couple of pies.


Usual pastry mix of half fat (lard) to plain flour.    I made a white sauce to put in the pie with the meat – a basic white sauce and then seasoning and lots of parsley and sage.


That was it really, quite simple, meat filling and sauce added to pastry lined flan dishes.


Lids on:


And bake.


I wasn’t sure how these pies would turn out as not a great deal of effort went in to making them but we had one for dinner tonight and it was really delicious.   The other one was left to completely cool after baking and will get wrapped and put back in the freezer tonight ready to be eaten another time.

Hoping you are all having a good weekend.  I am typing this with a cat perched on my shoulder!



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