Making Yorkshire Puddings

We always have Yorkshire puddings when we have a roast – I know traditionally they should only be with roast beef but we like them a lot so have them with every roast.   I know so many people who say that they just cant get Yorkshire puddings right and so buy the frozen ones. I think they are one of the easiest things to make so if this post helps even one person it will be worth doing.   Easy to make Yorkshire puddings:

75g plain flour

75ml milk

55 ml water

one egg

salt and pepper to season

teaspoon of English mustard.

I measure out the liquids first and add the mustard to the liquid.   Then I weigh out the flour and season this with salt and pepper.   Add the liquid to the flour, mix and then add a beaten egg.    This all gets whisked for a minute with the hand whisk.   While you are doing all this you need to have your Yorkshire pudding tray in a hot oven (220).   The oven tin needs to have the oil already in it getting smoking hot.    I always make individual Yorkshire puddings (the above recipe will make 6).     All six individual sections need to have enough oil in them to cover the bottom.    When the tin and oil is really hot pour in the Yorkshire pudding mix – the mixture should instantly bubble up – that is how hot things need to be.


These take about 20 minutes to then cook.


The perfect addition to any Sunday roast.

Hope you have all had a good weekend.


2 thoughts on “Making Yorkshire Puddings

  1. I remember when I was little my nan always used to make more Yorkshire puddings than were needed so that she could have a couple as a ‘pudding’ and she always had them with jam too. Yorkshire puddings are pure food alchemy – the most basic and simple ingredients making the most delicious thing to eat


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