More knitting

Other than the lost glove that I need to make a replacement for (as blogged about yesterday), I want to make small person another jumper as a couple of her jumpers from last year are now just a tiny bit too short in the body.

Because I need to get a move on with this – she is needs it now rather than in the summer – I think I am going to make a repeat of the brown jumper I made her recently:


The style is very simple and perfect with jeans and leggings and, most importantly, it is a very quick knit, which it needs to be if it is to be worn this winter/spring.

I am also going to make use of the wool from old jumpers that I blogged about a couple of months ago – some old jumpers of mine that I don’t  wear anymore.


I will need to play about with needle size because the yarn is thicker but it shouldn’t be too difficult to sort  out.

I will make a start with this over the weekend.  It wont be started tomorrow night as I am going out – I never go out – this is quite exciting!   I am meeting up with a friend I haven’t seen for ages – wine may be consumed.   Who I am kidding – wine WILL be consumed!

So, no blog tomorrow but I will be back on Saturday.


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