Another blanket!

I didn’t get round to blogging yesterday – as you will know if you read on Thursday I was rather looking forward to going out on Friday – as I didn’t get home until gone 2am on Saturday morning, yesterday was a little lazy.  I didn’t do much and didn’t really have anything to blog about.

What I am about to blog on now isn’t really anything that new and inspiring, I’m afraid, more like a variation on a well worn theme.    Small person had been quite impressed by the sparkly yarn that went in to the red Christmas blanket I made to cover our shabby sitting room chair.


She asked if it was possible to get sparkly yarn in other colours.   So we went along to the local sparkly yarn shop and she choose some balls of yarn so that I could make a sparkly blanket for her bed.   (I had been promising her a new blanket made just for her, rather than one we already had being put in to use on her bed when it got extra chilly – she is of an age now when she is beginning to cultivate an idea of what she likes and does not like in terms of her own space, and I am happy to accommodate this – to a certain extent.)

As blue is her favourite colour it was no surprise to me that she choose blue yarn but she did want some white to start it off.


The white is sparkly too – although that is not very clear in the picture.

It is really nice to be making something for her that she has specifically requested and made her own selection of materials for.

I hope you have all had a good weekend.    Hello to some new followers.  It is supposed to get really cold here in the UK in the coming week but I am sure many of my readers from America will think that our ‘cold’ isn’t really a patch on theirs – and they’d be right.


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