It is porridge weather

A food post tonight – singing the praise of porridge.  Isn’t it the best way to start the day, anytime of year, but especially in the winter.


Porridge can be a contentious subject however – just how it should be made is a subject fraught with dispute and disagreement.  I am  not suggesting that any wars have started over the oats vs. meal; salt or  no salt debates but people can feel very strongly about it.  I say just make it the way you like it and enjoy it.

How I like my porridge is a simple mix of oats and full fat milk.   I get up at five most days and put my porridge oats to soak in the milk as soon as I get up.   Then around 7am, when it is time to get the rest of the house up, I turn the porridge on a low heat and warm though for about 10 minutes.


Soaking the oats first before warming them makes a porridge consistency that I prefer.   Once cooked through I add a few teaspoons of homemade jam to sweeten.   The choice of jam is because I have a cupboard full of homemade jam that I need to find ways of using  up – I make more jam each summer than we eat through the rest of the year and the stockpile gets ever bigger!   I also like honey on my porridge but we don’t have a stockpile of that!


Over to you – let the porridge war commence – how do you eat yours?


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