Homemade skin care

I thought that, for a change, I would give some recipes for some homemade skin care / spa treatments.   For an affordable treat I often make Friday night home spa night and use various homemade preparations.   I couldn’t afford (in terms of time or money) to go to a spa on a regular basis but a Friday night home spa night is a great way to end the working week.

Over the next few nights I will give some recipes for some home spa treatments that you might enjoy.   They are all VERY simple to make, in fact they hardly constitute recipes – more like ideas – but I hope you enjoy them.

Tonight’s recipe is Homemade Body Scrub.

My preferred recipe is Demerara sugar – you can use sea salt but that can be quite harsh if you have sensitive skin – and oil.   Now you can use regular sunflower oil, olive oil, rice bran oil, sweet almond oil – it really does depend on what you might have in the cupboards or that you can easily get hold of.   You need two parts oil to one part sugar.  You can make this in advance and keep it in a lidded jar or make it just prior to use.   A few drops of essential oils are a nice addition.  For a masculine aroma you might add some sandalwood or black pepper, for a feminine aroma something restful like lavender or the more sensual ylang ylang.

Stand in the shower and turn it on to get yourself wet all over and then turn the shower off.   Scoop up handfuls of the scrub and gently massage it in to your body.  Once you are well scrubbed you can turn the shower back on to rinse the sugar away.   Don’t use soap or shower gel to wash away the oil, step out of the shower and once you have patted yourself dry slip on some cotton pjs and allow your skin to continue absorbing the oil.

This really does make your skin feel wonderfully soft.

Tomorrow a recipe for a post bath/shower body powder and the next day face packs.


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