Body powder/dusting powder


As I mentioned yesterday I thought I might post some ideas for a home spa evening.   For those of use for whom getting to a spa regularly is unlikely then a home spa evening can be really relaxing – good for body and spirit.

I posted a ‘recipe’ yesterday for a body scrub and I promised a recipe for a body powder today.    What I am going to suggest is a recipe for a powder that can be used instead of a regular shop bought ‘talc’.  By making your own you can make up different batches fragranced to suit your mood.  If you make your own blend of essential oils you can give your powder a perfume of your own design.

For the first recipe (I can hardly justify calling it that):

To make a wonderful post-bath powder I would combine 100g arrowroot powder and 100g of cornflour.   The arrowroot gives the powder a luxurious silkiness which feels wonderful on the skin and the cornflour has deoderising properties.   To this amount of powder you can add up to 60 drops of essential oils.   Some suggestions:  keep it simple – lavender; if this doesn’t appeal rose geranium and ylang ylang go very well together; cinnamon and vanilla would have a spicy edge, sandalwood mixed with petitgrain and patchouli for a masculine aroma.

You can increase the deoderising properties of this powder by adding some bicarbonate of soda: so 100g arrowroot, 60g cornflour and 40g bicarbonate of soda and then essential oils as for the above recipe.

This body powder really is very lovely to use.    When you add the essential oils you will need to rub the powder through your fingers to make sure the oils are distributed well.

Apply the powder with a powder puff or you can use a clean large blusher brush (obviously then keep the brush just for the powder if you don’t want to have a very white face the next time you put your blusher on!).

Back tomorrow with some face pack ideas.


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