Home spa – face packs

As you will know I have, for the last couple of evenings, been posting some ideas for making home spa treatments.

Tonight – face packs!     Take one banana…  Seriously this recipe involves a banana.   You will only need half a banana (unless you have a really huge face!) and mash it up in a small bowl.  The banana needs to be ripe but not turning black.   Then add double cream and mix it altogether.  When you have got a slightly lump paste, apply to face, lie back and allow the mask to sit on your skin for about 15 minutes.    When done, gently wipe away with tissues or a damp face cloth.   Your skin will feel fantastic.    This suits all skin types and will leave your skin feeling very nourished.

You can, of course, cut the other half of the banana up, put it in a bowl, add some more cream and eat it.   When applied to face – banana and cream feeds and your skin, when applied to your mouth it feeds your tummy!

I can’t recommend this face pack enough, I try to make time to do one of these face packs once a week.

Back tomorrow with some ideas for a good soak in the bath.


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