Bath ‘milk’ – Home spa ideas

As promised yesterday, tonight’s home spa idea is for a super wonderful bath soak.

Again I struggle to justify calling this a recipe but, despite its simplicity, it does create a wonderful milky bath soak.

You will need a cup of porridge oats (really), a few drops of essential oil of your choice and a piece of muslin or face cloth.   Place the oats in the middle of the face cloth add a few drops of essential oil and then tie up the corners of the cloth.  Place this in the bath tub as you run the water and the porridge oats will produce lovely milky water that is wonderful for the skin.  Of course the essential oils will fragrance the water.    The ‘milk’ that is released as the porridge oats absorb the water is very soothing and nourishing for the skin.   Obviously you can add your own combination of essential oils: classic relaxing lavender; floral and sensual rose geranium and ylang ylang; invigorating grapefruit and peppermint; spicy sandalwood and cinnamon, whatever suits your mood.

Do make sure you tie up the face cloth securely you want the ‘milk’ from the porridge oats, you don’t want to bathe in porridge!

Try and enjoy!


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