A tough day for blogging

Monday is always a tough day for blogging as I teach all day and get home so late that I don’t even cook – OH has dinner ready for when I get in.   It is not that my job isn’t creative – I teach literature for a living at university level so getting students to engage with, think about and respond to a text is certainly a form of making something happen but not necessarily what I want to blog about – this blog is very much about creativity in terms of craft, and the practical making of food.  I will be doing some crafting tonight – once I have had a quick read through of a lecture I have to give tomorrow I will settle down with some crochet and the next episode of series 2 of Broadchurch (disappointing so far……).

Tomorrow and the next day there will be blogs about making things with chocolate.  OH is 50 tomorrow and so there will be chocolate related posts tomorrow and Wednesday to show the birthday cake and some homemade chocolate treats.

But for now some work and then some crochet – this is progressing well and is looking much bigger than in this photograph from last week:


I will post a photo update soon.

Until tomorrow….


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