The best roast potatoes

We always have a roast on Sundays and as my post, a couple of weeks ago, on how to make the best Yorkshire puddings seemed to god down well, I thought I would do a roast potato post.   As with Yorkshire puddings I know you can buy frozen roast potatoes – but why would you?

First select your potatoes, peel and cut to size:


Put in a pan, add some salt and bring to the boil.   While this is happening get your oven hot (200) works for me, and put in your roasting tray and your fat.   You need your fat to be spitting hot for the potatoes so get it heating while you par-boil the potatoes.   I always cook my roasties in lard – I would rather have roasties cooked in lard once a week and cut out the carbs on several other days, than have them cooked any other way.


One thing I do, which my mother always did, is reuse the lard, once you have cooked the roasties, pour the lard in to a heat-proof bowl, let it cool down and keep in the fridge, ready for next week.   Above is a new pack of lard to show you that is what I use, below is my lard bowl and the lard I used tonight:


When the potatoes have been par-boiled (you want them to just ‘give’ slightly when you stick a fork in), drain them.


When drained tip them back in to the saucepan, put the lid on and give the pan a good shake  – you want to rough up the edges so they go nice and crispy.


Take your tray of sizzling fat out of the oven:


Then tip your roasties in – this photo hopefully shows you how the fat has to hiss, spit and sizzle when you tip the potatoes in:


Turn them over a couple of times to make sure they are coated in the fat and then get them back in the hot oven.  Mid way through cooking:


And done:


Pour the hot fat back in your bowl, once cool put back in the fridge for next week. The few small darker brown crispy bits sink to the bottom and you will have a thick layer of creamy lard to use again.


Hope you have all had a good weekend.


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