Bubble and squeak

A great way to use up leftover veg from Sunday’s roast.     I had quite a lot of steamed cabbage and carrots left from Sunday so I retrieved these from the fridge tonight in order to make up some bubble and squeak ‘cakes’.  

I prefer to cook these in the oven rather than fry them.  If you have left over potatoes then you can use those, obviously, but I didn’t so the first thing to do was get some spuds going.


I didn’t boil these completely, I didn’t want to make mash, I thought I would just soften them slightly, drain them and allow them to cool and then grate them so the bubble and squeak cakes had a texture more like a rosti.

Leftover veg, chopped and with a good handful of grated cheddar cheese added:


Then add the grated potato:


Mix well (I used my hands) and then I put the a generous handful of the mixture in to each section of a greased muffin tray:


Put a little more cheese on the top of each ‘cake’ and then bake in the oven for about 30 mins at 180.

Before and after:


And on the plate:


We had these with some chipolata sausages – yum.


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