The great unravel

Tonight I have finally got round to unpicking one of a collection of old Aran jumpers.    I have posted about these jumpers before:


I have a couple of jumpers and a cardigan that are over two decades old and which were knitted by my lovely, but now sadly no longer alive, mum.   The work and detail in them is wonderful but they are rather dated and I would look rather like a reject from the Val Doonican show, or a backing singer for Haircut 100 if I wore them now.   As I mentioned in a previous post, they have been packed away for the longest time and I decided that it was better to recycle the yarn into something I could use rather than having it all stashed away in a cupboard doing nothing.


So I began unravelling tonight – after weeks and weeks of dithering over the decision.   The plan is to make a jumper for small person (which I will size for next winter now) and then use the rest of the yarn, and the yarn from the other jumpers and cardigans to make a couple of throws.   I think I will make the throws from knitted squares with different Aran patterns – this will be a nice way of tackling the project because it can be picked up and put down as and when other things come along.

I have also got some sewing to do.    World Book Day is on the 5th March and small person’s school like the children to dress up as a character from one of their favourite books.   Small person still has quite an attachment to the Rainbow Magic fairy books and wants to go as Freya the Friday Fairy:

Freya the Friday Fairy (Fun Day Fairies Series)

At the moment she is reading the Enid Blyton Malory Towers books but, as she rightly pointed out, there is no real costume to wear if she went as one of the characters from these books as they just wear school uniform.   She is also reading all of the Paddington Bear books, and she does have a blue duffle coat but she can’t just wear a duffle coat all day either!  She has decided to go back to her Fairy books and Freya the Friday Fairy is the costume of choice.

It is half-term next week so we will go shopping for the fabric then.  I will post photos of the costume when it is made.


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