Olaf has a face – and a chocolate cake

Olaf now has a face:


He is all finished now.   The plan is to cut him up and hide the pieces around the house, the children will have to work as a team, find the pieces and put Olaf back together.

Small person turned 7 today, so we had some present opening before school and then a simple chocolate birthday cake after dinner:


A simple chocolate sponge (flour, sugar, cocoa powder, baking powder, butter and eggs) and a chocolate ganache of melted chocolate and cream.  There was nothing elaborate about this cake today, just my go-to chocolate cake recipe and simple ganache spread over.   On Saturday I have make a more elaborate cake for the party.    As small person only likes chocolate cake, and we have to try and keep in with the ‘Frozen’ theme, the idea is to try and make a ‘Wandering Oakum’s Trading Post – and Sauna’ cake!

So a square chocolate cake, I’ll use chocolate fingers to give the log effect, a chocolate ganache will act as a glue to stick these to the cake, icing sugar to dust as snow and I will cover the cake board with white icing to act as the snow on the ground.   I will post pictures if it looks halfway decent!


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