Homemade beauty/body care

I did some posts a while ago with some recipes for homemade beauty/skin care preparations which proved to be quite popular so I thought I would follow them up with a few more this week.

The slight improvement in the weather made me mindful of the fact that it wont be too long before feet will emerge from winter boots so it is time to pamper feet and make them presentable after their winter hibernation.    Tonight will be scrubs and soaks.

Foot soak:

Sea salt (cup of)

Bicarbonate of soda (tablespoon)

Both dissolved in a large bowl of warm water.

Then add your:

Essential oils:  lavender works; peppermint is particularly nice for feet; lemon is refreshing.

Once you have soaked for a while, give your foot a good scrub to remove hard skin.

One option is to use an empty lemon half (if you take warm water and fresh lemon to drink first thing in the morning save your lemon half or squeeze the lemon in to your foot soak water).   Put some sea salt in the lemon half and place your heel in and then rub firmly.

An alternative scrub is a paste made with oatmeal (coarsely ground porridge oats work too), sea salt and a little water to make a paste, massage feet firmly.

After either one of these scrubs pop you feet back in the soak water to rinse them off.

Tomorrow some foot oil mixes and the next day some ideas for keeping your feet fresh.


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