More ideas for showing your feet some love

I posted last night some ideas for homemade foot soaks and foot scrubs, tonight a ‘recipe’ for what to rub on your feet after they have had a good soak and a scrub.

I hasten, really, to call these ideas recipes and there are, of course, many foot creams that you can buy but if you want to keep it simple then what follows will really pamper your feet.

As per yesterdays post – Essential oils to use – lavender is always lovely to use; peppermint is really lovely for feet; lemon is very refreshing;  the addition of some tea tree can help if there are any fungal problems.

What carrier to put the essential oils in ? well – coconut oil or olive oil.   Both work great, are easily available and can be picked in the supermarket.  Of course shea butter or cocoa butter work great if you can get hold of them but I am hoping to offer recipes that can be made from ingredients that can be picked up with minimal effort.

So pour some olive oil in a bowl or put some coconut oil in a bowl (2 tablespoons of either should do it) and then add 20 drops of essential oil, give a good mix and then rub in to your feet, cover feet with cotton socks and allow the oils to soak in.   This will keep nicely in a clean jar with a tight fitting lid.

Tomorrow a refreshing foot spray and a deoderising foot powder.


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