Still showing your feet some love

There has been a slight delay since my last blog post on homemade feet pampering products and this final foot post – blame red nose day on Friday – small person was allowed to stay up and watch the ‘comedy’ and last night I ate pizza and drank beer and was  too   ‘tired’ to post.

So, if you have followed my previous foot care posts you will have soaked and scrubbed your feet and slathered them in oils to moisturise them.   What follows will give you some ideas on how to keep them refreshed and sweet-smelling.

Foot Spritz:

Witch hazel

Essential oils

Mix your favourite foot friendly essential oils (to repeat previous posts – lavender is lovely, peppermint is great for feet, lemon is refreshing, tea tree is good if there is a slight fungal problem – a mix of all blends really well too).

As a rule of thumb – 20 drops of essential oils to every 100mls of witch hazel.   Witch hazel has natural odour neutralising properties and the essential oils take these properties to the next level.  You can make a large bottle of this and it will keep (use a spray pump top to the bottle), just make sure you give the bottle a shake   before spraying as the essential oils will settle on the top of the witch hazel so you need to give it a shake each time to blend.

Foot powder:

1 cup of cornflour

1 cup of bicarbonate of soda

50 drops of essential oils

Give the powder a good mix, break up any clumps with your fingers as you mix the oils with the powders, rub in to your feet before you put on socks and/or shoes.   This keeps well – store in a container with a perforated lid so that you can shake and apply as needed.

Both the above will help to keep you feet feeling super fresh and frisky.


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