Making plans for the week

Quick post tonight – plans for the blog this week are to give some nice ideas for homemade hand care products.  I will start these tomorrow.

There will be ideas for exfoliants, scrubs, cleansers, nail oils, massage oils and moisturisers.

On other fronts, meals have been planned for the week, school Easter holidays are less than two weeks away so I need to plan some fun, but preferably low cost, activities, the jumper I am knitting for small person is coming along and the garden needs some serious tidying.

Back tomorrow with some hand pampering ideas.


2 thoughts on “Making plans for the week

    1. WordPress has only just alerted me to your comment – I don’t know why it took so long – apologies if you thought I wasn’t allowing it through. So far the very loose plans we had are all being met, I do like to have a plan – I need structure! The plan for the rest of today is pasta, wine and knitting – though not too much wine if I want to do plenty of the knitting!


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