Taking care of your hands

As mentioned in my post yesterday, after posts on how to pamper feet last week, I thought I would turn my attention to hands this week.

These are all very simple ideas for home-made hand treatments.  I am going to start, tonight, with some scrub and exfoliant ideas.

For these ideas any essential oil of choice would be fine.  Some ideas – lavender is very nice for hands, has skin soothing properties and if included in any of the scrubs/exfoliants will help to give an antiseptic cleanse.  Tea tree is also good for an antiseptic cleanse but the smell is a little less fragrant than lavender.  Sandalwood and/or frankincense are very good for dry, damaged hands but are amongst the more expensive essential oils.

So, choose what essential oils you have or prefer and add 10 drops to any of the following mixtures:

Hand exfoliant:  coarsely ground oatmeal – keep this in a small jar by the sink and use about a teaspoon at a time to wash hands with, the oatmeal gently exfoliates and the oats produce a soothing milky ‘soap’.

Sugar exfoliant:  mix 3 parts Demerara sugar with 2 parts oil (sweet almond, sunflower, olive) keep this in a jar and use approximately a teaspoon at a time to gentle work in to hands.

Salt exfoliant:   use in the same way as the sugar idea above. I would use finely grounds sea salt, you can use coarse sea salt but if your hands are sensitive this might be a bit too rough.

Bicarbonate of soda: this, too, works as a great exfoliant.  Use a teaspoon at a time, add a spot of water and gently work in to your hands.

Tomorrow I will give some ideas for soothing hand masks, these will be messy (involving various foodstuffs) but will be nourishing for dry hands.


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