Easter Sunday

I hope you all had a good Easter Sunday – in which ever way you most wished for.

Small person was up at 6.45 am wanting to go out in to the garden to see if the Easter Bunny had been.  We managed to delay her until 9am with OH distracting her with breakfast while I slipped in the garden to ‘hide’ the eggs.

We went for a walk in the woods today and found a table – which is a little bit odd, I realise, but it does make some sense – we live down the end of a lane with a few other houses around and have a sort of communal bonfire site behind all the houses.  It is on land owned by one of the neighbours but there is a fairly relaxed attitude to dumping stuff there for burning and, when the pile is big enough, a bonfire is lit.   We walked past this on our way to the woods today and someone had dumped a perfectly good table  – a small writing desk, perfectly sound and a perfect size for small person to do her homework at.  It seemed such a disgrace that a perfectly serviceable piece of furniture had been dumped for burning rather than taking to a charity shop so, we liberated it.  The finish is a bit dated but it is solid enough so it will be sanded down and painted.  I will post some photos tomorrow.

On our return we settled down with tea and the last few hot cross buns while we watched ET and tonight we had a lovely 4 bird roast for dinner.

We plan a nice long bike ride tomorrow – a chance to burn off some of the calories of the Easter Egg I am about to eat.


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