Easter/Bank Holiday Monday

What glorious weather today – we went for a lovely cycle ride and, because the weather was so good we took a picnic.  Small person managed really well on what was, undoubtedly, the longest cycle ride she has every done.  I felt like I had cycled a fair way so goodness knows how tired her legs must have been.   How lovely to have such great weather for a bank holiday, I hope you all enjoyed yours, whatever you were doing.

I mentioned yesterday about finding a table that had been left dumped on a bonfire pile.   I am planning to sand it down and paint it – here are some photos.  As you can see it is in really good condition but the finish is a little dated:


Excuse the ‘snowflakes’ hanging behind the table – they are still up after small person’s ‘Frozen’ party which was a month ago!

So I now have two pieces of furniture to up-cycle – I bought this writing bureau a while ago from a charity shop – I posted about this a month or so ago:


Now the weather is improving it shouldn’t be too long before I can spend some time outside getting these two pieces sanded and painted.


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