Too much choice

I decided to have a nice soak in the bath tonight and it struck me how much choice there is for making a bath a real treat.

I don’t buy commercial products but make my own bath melts, bath bombs and bath oils.   Sometimes I just put some porridge oats and a few drops of essential oil in a muslin pouch and let that float in the bath to make a wonderful milky bath.  If you are a person who likes bubbles then none of the above will give bubbles.   I don’t mind the lack of bubbles as long as the essential oil mix is good.   My favourite mix of essential oils that I have used for bath bombs, melts and oils recently is ylang ylang and rose geranium.

I finally decided on a bit of a combination tonight – I had one bath bomb for the fizz and I threw in a couple of small bath melts as well for extra skin silkiness.

bath bombs with rose petalsbath melts

I also mixed a couple of tablespoons of olive oil with a few drops of lavender essential oil and have worked this through my hair, I am going to leave this on all night and will wash it out in the morning.   My hair was feeling and looking a bit neglected so, hopefully, tomorrow, it will be looking and feeling better.

The Easter holidays are at an end now with school starting again on Monday for small person.   The holidays have been lots of fun, plenty of low-key activities, lots of fresh air and a few very pleasant play dates.  However, back to the school routine on Monday and for me, lots of marking heading my way.


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