Garlic and soft cheese stuffed chicken with potatoes dauphinoise

A food post tonight – I don’t think I’ve done a food post for a week.  This is one of our favourite dinners but we don’t have it that often because of the potatoes are really rich.   We do refer to the chicken as a kiev as a shorthand but it isn’t strictly a kiev as the garlic is mixed with soft cheese rather than butter.

I will give the recipe (such as it is), and there are some photos!

Mix as much garlic as you like with soft cheese, then butterfly the chicken breast and put the mixture into the cut.   We then coat the mixture in flour, dip it in beaten egg and then cover with breadcrumbs.    These are then pan fried for a couple of minutes before being put on a baking sheet and finished off in the oven.


The potato dish is very simple, slice as many potatoes as you need (slices not thicker than 0.5cm) and layer in a lightly greased, shallow dish with small dots of butter, a sprinkle of salt and pepper and as much crushed garlic as suits your taste buds.  Then pour over double cream.


We had this with lots of green salad – really good.


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